accommodations address

South Campus Plaza - North Tower

5140 College Avenue

San Diego CA 92115 


Reception Desk is staffed 24/7​

There is a small chance we'll be in the South Tower instead - we'll know as we get closer to our dates. 

being dropped off by shuttle, etc.

Another "Unique Difference"

Arrival at the dormitory has a bit of an added challenge, as the street at the front door is a busy one with no parking, and the back door is on a pedestrian walkway. So you cannot exit your vehicle right at either door. 

front door access

These photos show the front door, which is in the middle of a block of stores and restaurants. This is a busy street, with no parking.

back door access

It will be easiest to be dropped off at either end of the pedestrian walkway behind the building. You can bring your luggage from there to the back door. 

At one end of the walkway is the circle at the end of Hardy Avenue. The blue arrow points to the back door of the dorm, down the pedestrian walkway.

For GPS, use this address to locate the circle drive:
5863 Hardy Ave., San Diego 92115

The other end of the walkway has a commercial parking structure behind the Trader Joe's market, where you may be able to pull in. This is what the sign looked like on the corner of the commercial parking structure when we visited several months ago.


We have been told (unofficially!) that shuttle/Uber/Lyft/taxis have been known to drive down the pedestrian walkway to offload right at the back door, as long as the pause is brief. Do this at your own risk! 

Until you have your own dorm key, you will need to tap on this back door to get the attention of the Reception attendant, who will "buzz" the door open for you. 

arriving in your own car

If you don't have much to transport, and if you already have your Parking Permit, you could park in Parking Structure 3 or 4 and walk with your things to the dorm. Rolling a suitcase, it's about a 7-minute walk from parking to dorm. See this map for the route. 

If you have more than can be brought easily in a single trip, you may want to temporarily park closer to the dorm. Here are two ways to accomplish this:

• If you have a friend who can wait with your car at the circle at Hardy Avenue (above), you can bring your things from there to the dorm. This is a "red curb" area, so there's no parking allowed here - do not park your car and leave it here! If your friend stays with the car it should be OK - he or she could move it if necessary. 

• The easiest thing may very well be to park for a short time in the commercial parking structure behind Trader Joe's Market, which is at the other end of the walkway. Trader Joe's will validate 45 minutes of your parking (no charge for 45 minutes of parking if they stamp your parking ticket) if you make even a small purchase. (You're welcome to keep your car in this commercial structure, but it's $40 per day.)

*** See "SECRET INFORMATION" above! ***

When you've checked in, you can move your car to Parking Structure 3 or 4, next to Tula Community Center. Please see this link about Parking Permits

Be sure to display your Parking Permit in your car as designated before you leave your car in the Parking Structure.