accommodations address


5120 College Avenue

San Diego CA 92115 


Reception Desk is staffed 24/7​

being dropped off by shuttle, etc.

The front door is on a busy street. Ask your driver to take you to the back door. 

front door access

The front door is in the middle of a block of stores and restaurants. This is a busy street, with no parking.

If you already have your parking permit and have just a few things to bring to the dorm, you can park in structure 3 or 4 and just walk back to the dorm with your things. This is about a 7-minute walk rolling a suitcase. Come in the front door. 


back door access

You may be able to pull your car up to the back door to offload your things. If this street is busy, park in the commercial parking structure behind Trader Joe's and bring your things from there. 

Trader Joe's will validate 45 minutes of your parking (no charge for 45 minutes of parking if they stamp your parking ticket) if you make even a small purchase. (You're welcome to keep your car in this commercial structure, but it's $40 per day.)

Until you have your own dorm key, you will need to tap on this back door to get the attention of the Reception attendant, who will "buzz" the door open for you. 

Check in with Reception, and pick up your parking permit, if you ordered one ahead of time. 


parking your car

When you have checked in, move your car to Parking Structure 3 or 4, next to the Tula Community Center See the map at this link. 

Please see this link about Parking Permits

Be sure to display your Parking Permit in your car as designated before you leave your car in the Parking Structure.