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News from Neuroscience...explained Brain Gym® style

Hear about the latest research in neuroscience, neuroplasticity and how we can apply those new findings to our Brain Gym sessions. Translate the cool and exciting, but “heady” research into layman’s language. Then together let's dream up with exercises and explanations for clients.

PHYLLIS BOOKS, MA, DC, CCN, DACBN, has been a holistic chiropractor and nutritionist  for 25 years; and as such, has incorporated Brain Gym and many  kinesiology tools into her specialty of pediatric neurology. She has a Bachelor’s degree in education from Michigan State University, a Master’s degree in education and communication arts from the University  of North Texas and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker College. She  has taught her kinesiology methods on three continents and was awarded Outstanding International Alumni by her alma mater. In 1994, she founded the Assisi Foundation, dedicated to promote self value and self responsibility for children worldwide. And in 2001, she trademarked Books Neural Therapy™, a neurological and structural therapy to improve learning and behavior.


Understanding the Body’s Silent Languages ...

Understanding the Body’s Silent Languages - an Introduction to the leap program

Learn about the many ‘languages’ the body uses and interfaces with, and the effects these may have on your clients' mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Dr Charles Krebs and Janet Taylor will guide you through the various ‘frequencies’ you can use, in order to learn more about and communicate with your clients' bodies. Explore the meaning and influences these energy frequencies may have and how you can incorporate this knowledge into your practice. You’ll come away with practical techniques to help your clients, and tips they can use to help themselves!

CHARLES T. KREBS, PhD, has lengthy academic credentials in science and research, and over 30 years in the field of Kinesiology. He has published numerous scientific papers and three books in his field. He developed the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP), now called the Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols program, which is a more encompassing system that also treats emotional, immune, hormone, and skeletal-muscular imbalances. Charles teaches LEAP and neurology, and runs his clinic at Lydian Center in Boston, USA. He is currently also an Adjunct Research Scientist at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

JANET TAYLOR has been a practicing Kinesiologist, LEAP Practitioner & LEAP Instructor for over 19 years. She has studied under & worked closely with Dr Charles Krebs since the late 1998. Currently, Janet is the LEAP Director for Breakthroughs International, which involves increasing LEAP's global presence, creating greater accessibility, and developing a platform for LEAP Instructors and Practitioners to learn, network and be discovered in a central LEAP forum by the greater global community. 


Digestion - The Ultimate Prerequisite of a Fulfilled Life

The pace of modern life is immediate and filled with possibilities, expectations and anxieties. This makes one’s nutrition, digestion and metabolism an adventure. Human beings evolved to become creatures that can digest meat, fish, plants and fruits. We developed special regional nutritional conditions and our system adapted to specific ways of eating. Now, in this modern era, all over the world people eat the same food and most of that food is processed. Our organism copes with this reality for a while and then starts compensating to find ways of functioning in partnership with our survival system. The metabolism loses its grip on wellbeing. Selfhelp-kinesiology offers fantastic possibilities for ways to support the body in its ability to function in these exciting, fast paced, changing times.

RENATE WENNEKES has been teaching kinesiology since 1984 and has been offering private balance sessions since 1982. She is on the International Faculty (Germany) of EDU-K, Advisory Board DGAK, Board IKL eG. Renate is the creator of Developmental Kinesiology, and developed the course series "My Body and I" together with Angelika Stiller. Her work enjoys an international reputation.


Emotion’s Impact on Successful Learning: Going Deeper

In this workshop, Judy builds on the content from her Keynote Presentation, "How Emotion Impacts the Brain’s Successful Learning and What to Do About It.” Increase your understanding about the impact of emotions and stress on all aspects of learning along with keys to unlocking the stress blockade. Dive deeper into what Judy calls the “video game model” and how it applies to facilitating motivation and perseverance. Find out how to help individuals recognize incremental progress through achievable challenge. Leave with strategies to reduce the stressors that prevent the brain from working from its highest thinking and control centers. 

JUDY WILLIS, M.D., M.Ed., combines her 15 years as a board-certified practicing neurologist with ten subsequent years as a classroom teacher to become a leading authority in the neuroscience of learning. Dr. Willis has written eight books and more than 200 articles about applying neuroscience research to classroom teaching strategies. She is on the adjunct faculty of the University of California Graduate School of Education, Santa Barbara. 


Restoration, Re-Creation, & Rejuvenation...

Restoration, Re-Creation, & Rejuvenation: Optimizing Mind & Body Through Classical Movement

Learn restorative movements from the classical physical education era (1885-1920) that emphasized whole-brain integration, fine motor control, postural alignment, and quality of movement, using body weight and these simple tools: 

• Health Wands, ancient Chinese wellness tools that were a primary part of classical PE and restorative arts

• SandBells, a type of weighted beanbags, for fun cross-lateral movement patterns and partner games

Both of these activities offer transformative experiences of body alignment, economy of motion, and whole-brain integration. Added bonus: They’re fun to do! An emphasis will be placed on “training the trainer” so you can immediately begin using your new knowledge of the restorative arts to help others move and think better – you’ll have enjoyable new techniques to add to your Brain Gym learning menu.

RON JONES, 20-year veteran ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, holds degrees in Kinesiology/Sport & Exercise Psychology, along with credentials in a multitude of fitness and wellness techniques. Ron brings this extensive background to his current focus as a "historical kinesiologist,” sharing widely about the historical understandings of how a healthy body aligns and operates. He teaches simple methods that can be used daily to promote alignment, vestibular development, health, and whole-brain integration, through activities that are engaging and fun for people of all ages. Now an avid fan of Brain Gym®, Ron loves seeing the connections between "vintage" kinesiology principles and practices and the mind-body understandings of the Edu-K program. 


the friendly chair balance

In Edu-K, we assert that “movement is the door to learning,” yet inhibited movement and sedentary behavior continue to prevail at home and in the classroom and workplace. With contemporary digital devices, our full range of natural, sensorimotor experiences are often not readily available or even valued. We’ll discover new ways to use Brain Gym activities to support alignment and mobility, infusing our daily lives with play and self-expression. And this can all begin while sitting!

GAIL E. DENNISON is the co-creator, with her husband and partner, Paul E. Dennison, of the Brain Gym books and manuals. The author of the Visioncircles, Double Doodle Play, and Movement Dynamics programs, Gail brings her background in somatic modalities, along with her passion for sensorimotor learning, to her current Edu-K writings. 


Where Do I Begin ...

Where Do I Begin ... with a child/adult who is differently-abled?

Participants will be introduced to how developmental movement patterns affect our attentional and emotional intelligences. We will then learn and practice three (of seven) Building Block Activities. Throughout the session, noticing skills that enhance the ability to be present, both with yourself and your client/child, will be observed, highlighted and improved.

CECILIA KOESTER, M.Ed. is an international presenter known for her teaching and mentoring skills for those who work with children/adults who are differently-abled. Her intuitive/imaginative teaching style and keen assessment skills uniquely translate into a way for anyone who works with her to learn how to be quietly centered and grounded. Cecilia provides a platform where you can reconnect with your own passion for living, loving and teaching. Cecilia Koester, M.Ed. is an international author, teacher and mentor. She teaches, and mentors others to teach, BG for Special Needs Providers and courses in Movement Based Learning––the Building Block Activities. Cecilia will be teaching her Building Block Activities course following the conference. 


IntroDUCTION to Laban...

Intro to Laban: Expressing your Movement Affinities & Exploring your Movement Dis-Affinities

We have unique ways of moving and expressing ourselves, which embed neurological “ruts” that can limit our ways of moving and expressing, even leading to less body function over time. By exploring the 8 Laban Effort Qualities that address, Space, Weight and Time, we will be given the guidance and tools to experience the full range of bodily expression possible; both our affinities and our dis-affinities.

MARIAH-JANE THIES is a dance instructor with over 30 years teaching experience. She is a registered RAD ballet teacher, certified Laban modern teacher and holds a dance degree. She is also a certified Brain Gym Instructor level 1 and 2, and a Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training consultant.


What to do when you’re NOT over it...

What to do when you’re NOT over it, and everyone else thinks you should be

Whether it’s grief, moving house, starting/finishing school, starting/growing a family, empty nest, loss, challenging caretaking or a job shift, major life changes have their own rhythm, and often don’t follow the stages we expect. Using the BG balance process, we’ll walk through some ways to tune in to the rhythms of your changes, appreciate them and work with them.

LARHKEN B. CARROLL has been a licensed BG instructor since 1986 and has taught in Australia, New Zealand and the continental US. She co-coordinated two BG Gatherings in the 90s, edited the Edu-K Update for 7 years, has been an active member of BG networking teleconferences, and has presented at numerous past Gathering conferences. She has a private practice based in Oakland, CA, helping women who are going through major life changes to re-connect with their joy and purpose.


Getting to the Heart of Switching-On Your Selling

SWITCHED-ON SELLING is a powerful, research-validated approach for creating a successful selling strategy using Brain Gym to re-educate your abilities to successfully sell your classes and private sessions. In this session, you will experience switching your brain on for the prospecting, presentation and follow-up parts of the selling process. Dr. Jerry Teplitz is co-author with Dr. Tony Alessandra, of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success.

DR JERRY V. TEPLITZ, an attorney who also has a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences, serves on the Board of Directors of Breakthroughs International. During his 45 years as a professional speaker Jerry has presented to over one million people. He brings his business and professional experience to the creation of the innovative adaptation of the Brain Gym process in his Switched-On Business courses. Jerry is author of nine books including Brain Gym® for Business (co-authored with Paul and Gail Dennison). His two latest books, Switched-On Selling and Switched-On Networking were Amazon Best Sellers.


Follow Your Heart Adventure

An experiential adventure using Brain Gym and Labyrinths to enhance the flow of your life. Let go of patterns that no longer work for you while welcoming in new patterns that do support your everyday living. Learn to trust your intuition, trust the flow of life, affirm your highest good, create more peace in our world and Follow Your Heart!

Life Dancer ANNE HORNSTEIN offers the spirit of play and joy with her unique adventures. She empowers individuals and groups of all ages including corporate teams, athletes, artists, students and educators to access and integrate their own creative wisdom. Anne, a licensed Brain Gym® consultant since 1989, lives in Miramar Beach, Florida.


Introduction to PanHarmonic Healing

PANHARMONIC HEALING’s Body Code connects to emotions locked in the body and teaches us how to access them based on when or how they were formed. For example, a childhood emotion is lodged someplace differently than an ancestral one. We’ll learn a screen from PHH2 to clear an emotional body code point. • We’ll identify and clear even jumbled emotions. Learn tools from PHH to heal the interface between the physical body and the energy body.

ELIZABETH GOULD is the author of Your Best Health by Friday: How to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, PTSD, and Chronic Illness, based on her journey to heal herself. Her book was recommended by The US Review of Books and was a finalist in the 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards. Elizabeth will be teaching a two-day course in PanHarmonic Healing following the conference. 


Refine Your Niche, Recharge your Business...

Refine Your Niche, Recharge your Business, and Attract More Clients

When you zero in to a niche that matches your personal energy, you will stand out, making it easier for the right clients to find you. You will feel more like yourself and you’ll be able to charge what you are worth. In this session, you’ll receive tools to help you refine and focus where you can do the most good, and have the most joy and success.

ROSE HARROW, International BG Faculty for 35 years has served many roles in the Edu-K Foundation, including Executive Director. A Certified Master Business Coach, Rose mentors BG Instructors and other Change-Makers to take the lid off their success, serve more clients, and create a joyful, sustainable business.



What does it take to support first-generation, at-risk minority students to graduate college in four years? Learn the techniques Joe used to work with this group, including assessments using the four quadrant model of the brain, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to release traumatic life memories (especially negative academic experiences and family trauma), and specific strategies to stimulate less-used quadrants of the brain to maximize their whole potential. These students are prepared for school, and in life. Added bonus: Joe will lead everyone in experiencing these techniques to release chronic stress in their lives, and gain greater access to all four quadrants of their brain.

JOE SCHECHTMAN has been a Brain Gym® Instructor for 30 years and introduced Brain Gym to a residential treatment facility for aggressive and violent inner-city youth in the late 80’s. After 20 years working with this population, he consulted to public schools from K-12. He mentored superintendents, principals, teachers and working with their most difficult youth healing their trauma and PTSD in each district, specializing with inner city schools. Two years ago Joe’s sister died from Alzheimer’s and he has been studying and helping Alzheimer’s and Dementia clients since. Joe is an energy healer working face to face or long distance with his clients.


Inner Critic to Inner Poet: Find Your Creative Flow

Where in your life are your creative skills called for — and what does it take for you to access them?


Creative expression is easy when you feel inspired; it’s not so easy when you feel stuck. The inner critic keeps you fearful, anxious and small. What if you could invite that inner critic to work for you, not against you?


In this experiential workshop, we’ll move, play and write from the heart as we navigate resistance and find our way to flow. Not a poet? No problem! These imaginative tools adapt to any creative medium.

DEBORAH SCOTT STUDEBAKER is a Licensed Brain Gym® consultant based in Los Angeles. She’s also a writer, educator and kinesiologist who is deeply curious about the link between language and movement. Deb teaches poetry at The Willows Community School and cultivates the power of imagination with her students and clients.


Head, heart and hands through the screen

Edu-K is about human connection. It is physical. Is it possible to connect through technology? I believe it is. Learn successful strategies for teaching online. Cindy will share her background in online education and how the foundation is looking at technology tools to support our instructors and learners of all ages.

CINDY GOLDADE is a pioneer in online education with Edu-K. She has taught using online platforms for 13 years at Hamline University and University of Wisconsin-River Falls, as well as independently. As an International Faculty Representative, she continues to teach around the world while also building her online presence.


Freeze - Melt! Releasing the Fear Paralysis Reflex

The Fear Paralysis Reflex is often operating behind the scenes when behaviors just don’t change and new information just won’t penetrate. We’ll learn the origin of this reflex, how to notice it, discover ways in which it has touched our own lives, and experience integrative ways to release it together. Time for questions about personal and professional applications and group discussion – focus will be directed by the interests of the participants.

EVE KODIAK M.M., author of Rappin' on the Reflexes, has been a Brain Gym consultant  since 2000, specializing in making infant reflex integration easy to understand and practical to apply. She has recently opened up offices in both Nashua and Keene, NH, where practice includes craniosacral therapy, Deep Neutrality, and personal music. You can listen to her concerts on the web at


supporting your pace in life

There are several techniques that support your PACE, so your learning experience continues being Positive as well as Energetic. Discovering the right foods for your brain, hormone system and microbiome is essential for having a stress-free life. Incorporating holistic alternatives like aromatherapy, breathing exercises and meditation in your everyday routine can support your Brain Gym® goals.

TERE BEARD is a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is also an Industrial Engineer, Health Coach, Pranic Healer, and author of Todo lo Malo es Bueno (Everything Bad is Good), which will soon be available in English. She is the founder of two wellness websites and two podcasts. She is a board member of an NGO that provides housing for the homeless. She was awarded a Distinguished Toastmaster award by Toastmasters International. She is passionate about everything related to wellbeing. Her favorite quote is by Henry Ford: “If you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.” 


and more!

Brain gym and theater for Confident Self Expression … an inside-to-outside approach


Explore the possibilities! In this class you’ll be invited to connect with your creative power and sense of personal rhythm, and see what emerges in your experience of mind, body, and heart. Awaken to confident self-expression through fun and energizing movement games and lighthearted role-playing activities, and allow this sensory memory to move with you into a greater expression of who you are! 

CLAIRE DHÉRISSART, licensed Brain Gym® instructor in Bordeaux, France, has been an actress and director for twenty years. She uses her training in Brain Gym, Touch for Health, and other modalities to support class participants in gaining greater access to the innate sense of their own body movement, the creative impulse of emotion, and the ability to communicate their authentic story.

Creating Safe Space for The Heart: The Qi For Healing Approach


How can we create complete safety for our limbic brain so that heart connection can nourish us in all relationships?  Drawing on tools from Qi For Healing, authentic movement, primitive reflexes and Brain Gym, this workshop will empower by showing participants somatic tools for reaching their most authentic needs. Discover new strategies for working with yourself and clients that approach the heart from a perspective of total safety that leads to deep intuition and healthy choices. 

ADAM LESSER is a Qi For Healing practitioner who has spent over a decade practicing and studying this transformative technique in Switzerland and Australia under its creator Marguerite Wetton. Adam has also trained in Esalen massage and Shambhala meditation, at The School for Body Mind Centering, and in the dynamic movement practice called 5Rhythms Therapy, all of which he calls on in his work. Adam’s background is as a journalist, working at NBC News and Gigaom. 

Brain Gym® and traumatic brain injury


What does it take to offer the benefits of Brain Gym to groups of people who have had a traumatic brain injury (TBI)? Learn about the approach that Kathy Brown has developed to address this population, and experience the specially modified balance process that she calls a "Learning Adventure.“ This simplified balance process can easily be used in group or private sessions with anyone, of any age or ability. Included: How to support people who have challenges in moving their limbs for any reason - from issues with a single arm or leg to full quadriplegia - in getting the most out of individual Brain Gym movements (it's more than just "motoring" them through the movement!). 

KATHY BROWN, M.Ed. has been a Brain Gym® Instructor since 1998, and is the author of the book Educate Your Brain. She is working on a sequel, Educate Your Brain for Reading, which will be the text for a new course she is developing for the Edu-K curriculum.

From inner peace to world peace: a new approach to emotions


Emotions are misunderstood! Most methods insist you should get rid of the “negative” ones. But are they actually the most important! In this presentation, you will learn why, and how to work with them to achieve inner peace – permanently. You learn a technique you will be able to use it any time you want, in only 15 minutes. When enough people use this technique, it will lead to peace in families and communities, and then, potentially, to world peace.

PAULA OLESKA, M.A., is one of the Brain Gym pioneers, and International Faculty since 1994, currently Emerita. She introduced Brain Gym to Poland, resulting in over 10,000 people using it there. After presenting at nearly all of the Gatherings, Paula now uses her own modality, Brain Upgrade®, to eliminate procrastination, create Bold Mindset and develop Emotional Intelligence. She has a busy consulting practice in New York City.