Welcoming our keynote presenters:

Judy Willis - 2pm, Friday, August 2

Ron Jones - 9:30am - Saturday, August 3


How Emotion Impacts the Brain’s Successful Learning and What to Do About It

Stress can block successful learning, emotional self-management, and memory. Neuroscience research has spotlighted stressors that cause learners to “act out” or “zone out” or give up resulting in decreased learning and reduction in emotional self-management. The most frequent stressors directly linked to learning experiences are boredom (already mastered the information) or frustration from repeated goal failure in a skill, topic, or subject (with the goal ranging from not getting the desired outcome to not achieving mastery). The research also reveals that these stresses, when recurrent, can change the brain’s neural networks and promote a “fixed mindset” with decreased effort and motivation.

   As you guide students and clients in building emotional self-control, persevering through challenge, and recognizing their incremental progress, their growth mindset builds along with their academic, emotional, and cognitive success.

JUDY WILLIS, M.D., M.Ed., combines her 15 years as a board-certified practicing neurologist with ten subsequent years as a classroom teacher to become a leading authority in the neuroscience of learning. Dr. Willis has written eight books and more than 200 articles about applying neuroscience research to classroom teaching strategies. She is on the adjunct faculty of the University of California Graduate School of Education, Santa Barbara. 



The Art & History of Movement: Integrating the Whole Person for Life

Ron Jones, ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, holds degrees in Kinesiology/Sport & Exercise Psychology, along with credentials in a multitude of fitness and wellness techniques. Ron brings this extensive background to his current focus as a "historical kinesiologist,” sharing widely about the historical understandings of how a healthy body aligns and operates. He teaches simple methods that can be used daily to promote alignment, vestibular development, health, and whole-brain integration, through activities that are engaging and fun for people of all ages. Now an avid student of Brain Gym®, Ron loves seeing the connections between "vintage" kinesiology principles and practices and the the mind-body understandings of the Edu-K program.