the parking permit system

every car parked on campus requires a parking permit

Save money and time by planning ahead - this is a complex system!


parking permits

printing our your own permit

If you know the license plate number of the car you're arriving in (like driving from home in your own car) you can use your home computer to purchase your own permit from the university's "Parking Portal" web page. This system has recently been made "virtual," meaning you don't need to display a printed page - your information is automatically loaded in the SDSU parking police database, so they should know you've paid for your permit.   

If you are not able to obtain your own permit in advance through the Parking Portal (perhaps you're arriving in a rental car and won't know the license plate number until you get to the car) and need help with this, please contact Kathy Brown, at

Park in Parking Structure 3 or 4 (see campus map). 

Another (more expensive) option is to buy daily parking at the permit machine at Parking Structure 3, or by using the PayByPhone app. 

printing out your own parking permit

use the "parking portal" website

Use the Parking Portal website. Here you will create an account with information about yourself, select your type of parking permit and dates, enter information about your car, then pay for your permit and print it out. 

This system has recently been made "virtual," meaning you don't need to display a printed page on your dashboard. All your information will be loaded into the SDSU parking police database, and they should know which cars (by license plate number) are approved for parking on campus. 

Park in Parking Structure 3 or 4.


Completing all the required steps may take a while -- allow lots of time to do this. 

Scroll down for the Parking Portal Tutorial, which explains all the steps involved. 


using the "parking portal" - a tutorial

1. go to the university's "Parking portal" website.

Click the box that says it's for GUEST USERS. 


2. register as a guest

Create an account by entering your name, phone number, and email address.

Select a password for your account. 


3. Log in to your account

On the next page you will be asked to log in again using the email address and password you used when you created your account.

Another screen will say that you've been approved as a user. 


4. Welcome to the Parking Portal

Ignore the top half of this page. This is for people who get a parking citation and need to do something about it.

Click the lower gray box that says



5. select the permit you want to buy

Select the kind of permit you want. You will probably want weekly, overnight parking. It's the bottom line, and is $23.

Ignore where it says "-select-."

I have no idea why those words are there. They don't do anything. You will choose your dates on the next page. 

Ignore the fact that these choices all say "student."

There evidently is no page like this just for guests. 

Scroll down and click the box that says you understand the parking rules. 


6. select your dates

Navigate to the calendar month you want and click on the date you want your permit to START. (There's no place to enter an END date - the web program will do this for you.)

Note: if you're doing this well ahead, the portal may not let you choose parking dates that are months away. You can only choose a date that has an underline under the number. For example, when I created this tutorial (in early January) and snapped this shot of the calendar, they were only booking dates through March 15. 


7. Register your vehicle

Enter data about your car:

• license plate number and state

• year/make/model

• color/style of vehicle


8. Select which vehicle you want a permit for

This may seem like a silly thing to have to do, because you just entered all that information about your car. 

This website was built to meet the diverse needs of students at the university. Some may have more than one vehicle on their account - maybe their car, their spouse's car, etc. So this form has room for people to have more than one car listed on their account. 

Click the box in front of your car's description.


9. pay for your permit

Keep clicking and you'll be directed to the View Cart & Checkout page, which will show your total.

From here you'll be directed to pages where you enter your credit card number, and finish paying.


10. print your permit

Remember to take it with you on your travels! 

Display it on your car's dashboard when you park in Parking Structure 3 or 4. 


staying more than a week?

Use the Parking Portal again to select another week of parking, starting when the first one ends. Or you can add a single day. Week and Day are the only choices. (Well, there's Month and Semester also, but you won't want those.) If you need two additional days, you need to do the "Day" permit two more times. 

Once you get to four more days of parking, it's cheaper to just get another week. 

Your permit is good until 10pm on the day following the last night paid for on that permit.

Print out each permit, and be sure to display the right one on the right days!


getting back into your account

Once you are registered, you can access your account through the LOGIN link in the top right corner of the Guest User Registration page.

Another page will appear where you click Guests login here.


meeting other needs

Maybe you don't need overnight parking. Perhaps you live nearby, and need parking on campus only for the conference events themselves, or maybe you're attending just one day. 

All available choices are on the "Select Permit" page. 

This graphic shows the option of a week of daytime-only parking.

There is an electric vehicle charging station between Parking Structures 3 and 4, as well as some other places on campus. You need to have a valid parking permit displayed, and your vehicle must be plugged in and charging at all times while it's in that space. 


not using the parking portal?

daily parking options

Short-term parking can be purchased at the machine at Parking Structure 3, but choices are limited and they're expensive. 

1-4 hours - $3 per hour

5-10 hours - $15

Overnight (one night) - $20 - good until 10pm next day

Weekend - $30 - good until 10pm Sunday

Have your car's license plate number handy, as you'll need to enter this when you pay for your permit.

If using cash (bills only, no coins), you'll need the exact amount. If you use bigger bills, know that this machine does not give change. 

It will print out a permit - display it on your car's dashboard. 

Or you can use the PayByPhone app (see your phone's app store), with the same expensive choices as at the machine. With the app there's nothing to print out - your info goes into the computer system that campus police check when they're looking to see which cars have paid for parking.

I haven't used this app yet, so I can't give any guidance on what it takes to set up an account and use it. 

I do know that you have to enter the code for the parking structure you're parking in. PS-3 is 28503, PS-4 is 28504. Those numbers should be on display as you enter each parking structure. 



If you have a challenge with this Parking Permit system, please contact me  

Kathy Brown - 

I'll do what I can to resolve your issue.