And remember -- Every post-conference course counts as elective credit toward licensure, or toward re-licensure, even if it's not part of the "official" Brain Gym curriculum. 


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even those that are not part of the official Brain Gym curriculum


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you can use any of these courses toward re-licensure.

you can use any of these courses toward

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introduction to the leap program

MonDAY, August 5 -- 9am TO 12:30PM

LEAP - Creating Life From Within

 LEAP®, Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols, is a program developed by Dr. Charles Krebs in the early 1990’s that enhances functioning in all areas of life. In this introductory workshop, participants will:

  • Find out how LEAP provides an effective way to set up the body’s biocomputer for correction, and how it will further enhance your practice.
  • Gain insight into potential causes for loss of integration and the affects this has on people’s lives .
  • Learn how to assess and correct a blocked Corpus Callosum with the CC Neuromuscular (CCMN) test - discover how you can use the CCMN in your practice.
  • Discover the wonderful, practical way the Heart - Self Points and Frontal- Occipital Holding (FOH) Points can be applied to resolve emotional or biofeedback stress.
  • Better understand how LEAP and Brain Gym are perfect practice partners 

4 credits

Early: $70  --  Regular $80 -- Late $100

JANET TAYLOR has been a practicing Kinesiologist, LEAP Practitioner & LEAP Instructor for over 19 years. She attended the College for Energetic Sciences (College of Complementary Medicine) in Melbourne, graduating as a Registered Specialized Kinesiologist in 1999, and is a registered member of both the Australian Kinesiology Association and the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. A particular area of interest to Janet is assisting clients in releasing long held behaviors and enabling people to breakthrough obstacles so they can reach their greater potential in life. She has studied under & worked closely with Dr Charles Krebs since the late 1998. Currently, Janet is the LEAP Director  for Breakthroughs International, which involves increasing LEAP's global presence, creating greater accessibility, and developing a platform for LEAP Instructors and Practitioners to learn, network and be discovered in a central LEAP forum by the greater global community.


balancing your brain gym® business: Tips & Tools

Monday, August 5 -- 2pm TO 5:30pm

This workshop is designed for beginners in marketing, yet open to anyone who might enjoy a refresher. Don’t re-invent the wheel! Learn from Carlota’s personal experience and take an in depth view at the 3 primary fundamentals for creating your business: 

  • Focus your attention on who you are and what you offer
  • Get organized to help others
  • Open clear lines of communication

You’ll walk away from this course having balanced through the three dimensions for your business while gaining a better understanding of your personal mission and brand, how to organize your business and connect with your audience, your core speech and best words to express yourself, as well as technology tools to support you through the process.

Early $70  --  Regular $80 -- Late $100

4 credits

CARLOTA LÓPEZ-PEREDO, International Faculty Chair, is a Special Needs Educator with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. She runs a private practice and specializes in teaching Brain Gym® and MBL® courses for teachers, parents and educators. She quickly realized that selling and marketing a class was a totally different experience than teaching or consulting, so she decided to learn how to market and create a successful business. She is now offering her newfound knowledge in relationship to those with Brain Gym businesses.


Tend and Befriend: Embracing Aliveness with Brain Gym® 

Monday, august 5 - 9am to 5:30pm


Use Edu-K and Brain Gym tools to discover new ways to move from your core and nurture your body. Internalize dynamic ergonomic principles to enrich your movement patterns and amplify your aliveness. Shift stress into “tend and befriend” with Movement Dynamics, Self-Help Movement Re-Ed, Partner Brain Gym activities, the Dennison Partner Tune-up, and much more. Laugh, move, and play with Paul and Gail. 

8 credits

Early $145  --  Regular $160  --  Late $190

PAUL E. DENNISON, PH.D., is an internationally known author and educator and a pioneer in the field of movement-based learning. He is a recognized authority on cognitive skills and reading. The Edu-K and Brain Gym programs that he created are used worldwide to benefit people of all ages and their challenges with learning. He and his wife and partner, Gail Dennison, are the authors of the Edu-Kinesthetics series of books and course manuals on learning through movement.  

GAIL E. DENNISON  is the cocreator, with her husband and partner, Paul E. Dennison, of the Brain Gym books, manuals, and processes. As a movement educator, she is the author of the Visioncircles, Double Doodle Play, and Movement Dynamics courses and teacher trainings, which she has taught worldwide. Gail brings her background in many somatic modalities along with her passion for visual skills and sensory perception, to her current Edu-K writings, available at www.HeartsatPlay.com


For Your eyes only: vision rejuvenation

MONDAY-TUESDAY, August 5-6 - 9am to 5:30pm

Learn good visual habits and address visual skills for daily use of your eyes. Explore activities for optimizing the brain and the muscles affecting natural vision with emphasis on ease of binocular vision, focusing ability for both near and far, as well as tracking and eye relaxation in our high-tech, computerized world. All ages have the potential to improve their vision. 

16 credits

Early $260  --  Regular $285  --  Late $310  --  Repeat $140

DENISE HORNBEAK, M.S., V.T., has been practicing the Brain Gym® program since 1988, and has an extensive background in vision improvement. Since 1982 she has worked as a Vision Trainer in conjunction with several Developmental Optometrists in San Diego County. She is a Natural Vision Re-Educator, Vision Training Therapist and author of the book, The SuperConfitelligent Child. She combines her expertise in vision training with her love of Brain Gym, to bring you this course that’s focused on opening to expanded, relaxed visual awareness and enjoyment of the world around you!


hooking up from head to toe - PLUS!

MonDAY-TUESDAY -- August 5-6 - 9am to 5:30pm

Hooking Up from Head to Toe: Brain Gym for Little ones is a one-day workshop for the early childhood education setting. This 2-day format is unique to the 2019 conference. It is designed as a first step to Brain Gym Instructors who are interested in teaching it upon completing all the requirements. Hooking Up from Head to Toe is an 8 credit elective course recognized as part of the Brain Gym curriculum. This 2-day offering counts toward 16 credits as part of our conference policy.

16 credits

Early $260  --  Regular $285  --  Late $310  --  Repeat $140

LISA MARCOVICI worked as an architect in Montreal for over eleven years (McGill B.Arch 1985). When her son was born in 1996 she ‘retired’ to become a full-time Mom. In 2001, she began to play with the Brain Gym® exercises in her son’s kindergarten class to help the group stay calm and reduce the need for constant discipline. The other teachers became curious and wanted to know more, so very quickly the Brain Gym bug spread throughout this elementary school. The success stories piled up and she wanted to better understand the connection between movement and learning in order to offer this empowering tool to other children. She decided to commit herself fully to becoming a certified kinesthetic educator (Brain Gym consultant). She now offers Brain Gym workshops to a varied audience made up of parents, educators, professionals and therapists. In 2010 she founded Rekinexion with the goal of supporting and promoting the Brain Gym community, as well as ensuring its growth by offering Brain Gym services and courses for everyone seeking to optimize their skills and access their full potential.



TUESDAY-Wednesday, AUGUST 6-7 - 9am to 5:30pm

This course is designed for personal growth as well as practitioners who work with others, and are interested in working on the energetic levels. You’ll learn a new set of protocols for noticing and addressing blocks preventing us from the next step of growth. Find out how to better support, maintain, and attune personal energy fields. Gain new insights and techniques in the art of healing emotions—further developing your skills for identifying and releasing emotions (through the use of checking body code points) that no longer serve us. Join Elizabeth as she guides you through strengthening your noticing skills and working with what comes up in simple, yet profound new ways.

16 credits

Early $260  --  Regular $285  --  Late $310  --  Repeat $140

ELIZABETH GOULD, M.S., is the author of the book Your Best Health by Friday: How to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, PTSD and Chronic Illness, as well as the upcoming novel West of Center. She’s a graduate of UCSB, UW-Madison, and Marlboro College’s Graduate School. After educational and specialized kinesiology helped her heal, she became an instructor for both Touch for Health and PanHarmonic Healing. She is taking classes in Brain Gym. She’s the mother of two sons who attend college in Washington D.C. and Scotland. Elizabeth lives in Santa Barbara with her partner, Michael.


On Your mark, get set, go!

wednesday, august 7 - 9am to 5:30pm

Originally developed by International Faculty member Sharon Plaskett, On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! (MSGo) explores how movement applies to numerous areas of daily life functioning. The information is relevant to and supportive of Licensed Brain Gym® Instructors.This action-oriented class uses a heuristic model to facilitate the discovery of participants' innate wisdom. It provides a unique framework for playfully, yet intentionally, introduce newcomers to activities that promote self awareness, while providing tools that empower them.

8 credits

Early $145  --  Regular $160  -- Late $190  --  Repeat $80

KARI COADY, M.A.T. received her master’s degree in teaching at National Louis University in Evanston, Illinois, USA, and quickly obtained a teaching position in Southern California. Attending a Brain Gym class a few years later changed the course of her life. Within six months, she became a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant, resigned from teaching, and opened her own consulting business. She spent several years conducting workshops, facilitating private sessions, and speaking. Kari’s passion for supporting others, combined with her desire to share effective stress management tools, led her to accept the role of CEO / Executive Director in 2007 with Brain Gym® International, now known as Breakthroughs International. When not working to promote health and wellness programs, Kari enjoys time with her husband and their pups.


Movement Based Learning - Using the Building Block Activities to Enhance Learning for the Differently-Abled Child

Wednesday - August 7 - 9am to 5:30pm

In this hands-on workshop, on August 7, each participant will walk away with the ability to immediately use the Building Block Activities with their clients or students. The Building Block Activities are simple techniques that address developmental movement patterns. As we begin to look at a child (or adult) through the lens of the three learning dimensions of Brain Gym® then we can better choose which Building Block Activity to use to enhance learning. 

8 credits

Early $145  --  Regular  $160  --  Late  $190  --  Repeat $80

CECILIA KOESTER created and developed the course titled, Brain Gym® for Special Needs Providers (BG170) for the Edu-K Foundation (1998). She now teaches worldwide and mentors others how to teach this four-day course. In addition, she has developed a curriculum for people who would like to teach the one-day workshop titled, Movement Based Learning––Using the Building Block Activities to Enhance Learning for the Differently-Abled Child. Cecilia's signature is simplicity. If you read her books or take her workshops, you will come to know simple, life-changing techniques.